A Word from the President

Greetings Shipmates and friends,

I am so honored to be elected as President of the GRANT Alumni Association.  I am still walking on the clouds but not to worry, Barbara will bring me back to earth so that we can get busy with the next reunion and all the work that goes into making it a successful event.  Jacksonville, FL is a great place and there are many things to do in the area.

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Memo from the Association President:

Shipmates: After being the Reunion Committee Chairman for six successful reunions, our current Chairman has given us notice that the Orlando reunion will be his last in that position. The Reunion Committee Chairman is a voting member of the Association Board and also selects the other Reunion Committee members. About 80% of the Reunion Committee effort is usually required for the ‘Land’ Reunion and the other 20% is required for the ‘Cruise’ Reunion. WE NEED A REPLACEMENT NOW.

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USS Grant Alumni News – Transition Committee

From: Ed Farris, USS Grant Alumni Assoc. President To: All USS Grant Alumni Assoc. Members Hello Shipmates, As you may or may not know, we have had some transitions that have either taken place already or will be occurring in the near future. John Hnizdel has stepped...

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